We’re Green

We focused heavily on green construction in the new St. John & Associates office building. Energy efficiency was maximized while impact on the environment was minimized through design and material choices.

Some of our Green Choices:

• Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) wall, floor and roof construction. This construction method combines incredible insulation values with the thermal mass of solid concrete, resulting in top energy efficiency during heating and cooling seasons.

• Solar management including the use of gas filled windows, solar shades and external steel canopy that blocks summer sun while allowing winter sun to pass through. The white Duro-Last roofing minimizes heat gain. These efforts were important because of the design decision to use large windows throughout to maintain connectivity to the environment.

• High efficiency electrical components including all appliances and LED lighting were used throughout.

• Ultra efficient HVAC systems utilizing tankless gas fired boilers feeding hydronic radiant floors and multi-zone dual stage compressor AC units were chosen to provide state of the art comfort year round.

• Much of the interior finish utilizes re-purposed components and recycled materials. These include interior doors, windows and flooring. Locally sourced or manufactured building materials included brick, Alabama White Marble, and of course, concrete.